Together, let's support our young musicians at the start of their careers!

Who is the Fortuna Fund for?

It is for all musicophiles, music lovers wishing to help our talented young musicians at the start of their careers, in various disciplines such as the violin, the harp, lyric song, the piano, orchestral conducting, etc., in Belgium or in Europe.
Are you sensitive to the difficulties young musicians on a professional career ?  Are you a business leader, do you have a room with good acoustics, do you own musical instruments you no longer use, are you a journalist, printer, retired song teacher ? Think of Fortuna Fund !
Your support is precious!

Ilinca Gheorghiu, founder

Isabelle de Schoutheete, president

How to help our artists?

  • Courses, internships, master classes
  • CD / DVD production, recording on You-tube 
  • Trips to listen to an opera, concert, festival, competition
  • Donation or loan (musical instruments, music stands, scores)
  • Help with public relations, interviews with our fellows
  • Organization of a concert
  • Creation of a portfolio, a website 

Who are we ?

The Fortuna Fund is a non-profit organization created in 2018 in Brussels. Brussels. It is supported with caring oversight by the King Baudouin Foundation.

The Fund focuses on talented young musicians who have undergone training in classical music, all sectors combined: vocal, instrumental or orchestral conducting.

Some very talented young musicians sometimes find themselves in a precarious situation, especially at the start of their fragile career.

The Fund helps them for a specified period.

“Help for today, Hope for tomorrow”

We want to put this challenge into practice in all our actions to support young quality artists that we have chosen to support, guided in this by the desire to combine values ​​of sharing, excellence and innovation.

In addition, the Fund is dedicated to the memory of the parents of the founder, Corneliu and Florica Gheorghiu who have helped, with all their generosity, talent and affection, several generations of young musicians.

The Fund

The project was born from discussions between the founder, Ilinca Fortuna, her father the pianist and composer Corneliu Gheorghiu and musician friends, on the need to use web techniques to optimize the project goals (see below) and reflect on the best strategy to adopt to achieve them! This by integrating all the important aspects to consider:

•  Strategy
•  Competition

•  Communication
•  Commercial

•  Marketing
•  Legal

For almost 30 years, stage Ilinca Fortuna, director, has woven a quality network in the musical and cultural field. His in-depth knowledge of the classical music community and the candidates artists that the Fund supports, are an encouraging guarantee of the project’s success.

In addition, the Fund is dedicated to the memory of the parents of the founder, Florica et Corneliu Ghorghiu, classical musicians, who helped with all their generosity, their talent and their affection, several generations of young musicians.

Criteria for the selection of our young musicians

  • studies and prizes in Music Conservatories with international standings
  • atypical beginning careers at the intersection of arts – participation in multi disciplinary performances, productions, festivals
  • musical activities in hospitals, nursing homes, schools


young musicians, at the start of their career, who have undergone training in “classical” music, all sectors combined: vocal, instrumental or orchestra conducting.

The difference lies in the personalization of the assistance provided and the monitoring of the artists.

Your support

Your help is precious! It can be financial or material. For exemple :

  • musical instruments in good condition
  • wooden desks
  • musical scores
  • evening wear

You can become “Goodwill Ambassadors” for European companies who wish to associate their success with a great artistic cause. Tax advantages  are also possible in various countries (see the “Help us” page).

We will keep you informed of the choice of young talents and the means implemented to help them.

You will be invited to the musical events  we will organize to present these young musicians.